Your trusted one-stop solution for land acquisition, house builder and business solutions.


Your trusted one-stop solution for land acquisition, house builder and business solutions.

we provide great lands, location & services

Our team have more than 40 years of experience in land business. We offer a wide variety of services including land acquisition by Shariah Compliant instalment payment scheme to facilitate low, medium income earners to own their own land for the future and hedge against inflation.

Introducing an affordable plan for land acquisition and house building.

  1. Shariah Compliant Scheme
  2. Responsibly Committed
  3. Fast approval
  4. Transparent Collection and Payment System 

What We Do


Land is the best investment & secured investment

Land Business on The New Level

At Haji Land Berhad, our focus is on YOU and what YOU want to achieve. we want to help our community to buy their own piece of land either for personal cause, hedge against inflation or long term investment.

We have been in this industry for more than 40 years and experienced colorful journey and success, hence now we are prepared to share our skills with the community, forging strong, lasting relationships, which help us to continue to thrive and develop.

Our desire to work closely with those who share the same vision and values is why many of our clients have a multiple project history. Exceeding client expectations has resulted in continual repeat business within the local area, which means we are building a foundation not only for our business but also for our community.

OUR COMPANY Highlights

Be Our Partner

Be with us in our journey to creating real values in real property business and heading towards IPO

Grow Capital Value

All capital will immediately be used to acquire short listed land and hence increasing the company value and converting cash into valuable assets

Land Security

Identifying valuable land and location for a short and long term security of our wealth in the long run.

Proven Affordable Investories

We have acquired thousand of acres and sold more than tens of thousand lots of lands. Our proven track record can really leap us into a greater future.

Shariah Compliant Status

Be our partner and be assured of Shariah-compliant status. Our company is certified by Maulana Hasnul Hizam.

Sustainable and High Returns

Property and land business are among the sector that provide high rate of return. We cannot guarantee as we are Shariah Compliant company but gross return can be more than 20 % a year.

Financially Audited

Properly audited statements, to achieve fair and accurate representation of transactions.

Transparent Contract & System

Managing our sales and customer using a system where the sales contract, payment statement, reminder, payment schedule and many other are intelligently managed by the system which give transparency of info to both seller & buyer.

Appointed Independent Consultant

Legal & Shariah services for the general public on a contractual basis

Locations we covered

Kuala Lumpur








How it works

Step 1


Identification of potential location and status of land.

Step 2


The long list of land must go through a screening process to filter out the viable ones.

Step 3

Concept Development

Our company undertakes research to find out the potential costs, revenues and profits arising from the product.

Step 4

Product Development

Product development commences with the land planning including number of possible lot and house packages & suitable payment scheme.

Step 5

Launch & Commercialization

Now the land is up for sale either cash, installment or even by way of auction.

Creating Tomorrow Together

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

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